Customer complaints policy

 Excellent customer care is at the core of our business. It underpins our relationship with you and dictates how we run and grow our services. And most importantly, it frames how we deal with and respond to you.


ICU`s Commitment

Our commitment to our customers is centred on responding to your enquiries as promptly and as efficiently as possible. Our commitment is to provide a single point of contact to customers, and where feasible, with an on-the-spot response to any enquiry. If this cannot be done, we will investigate and the ICU Customer Care representative will agree an appropriate call back schedule with the customer. We endeavour to rectify poor experiences by responding pro-actively to feedback.

We believe it is important for our customers to know and understand how we handle any queries you may have. Our procedure for dealing with customer enquiries is set out below, and should you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

We can be contacted during week days between 9am and 5pm by telephone on 01524 401340. By email on  or by post at:

Customer queries team

ICU Security NW LTD

44 Pedder St




Response times

ICU Security will provide customers, where feasible, with an on the spot response to any query. Where this is not possible, we will respond to the customer within 48 hours with a resolution or an update. Where the query has not been resolved within the 48-hour period, a customer care executive will agree a schedule for call back with the customer.

Where we receive a query in writing ICU will make best endeavours to acknowledge your query within two days. Where ICU believes it is possible to resolve your query quickly we will not send you an acknowledgement but instead will respond setting out in full how your query has been resolved.


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