Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To exceed our clients expectations in all our customer contacts. To provide a safe and enjoyable venue for our customers and our clients, customers.

Our Vision

To continue to build on our reputation and become the leading supplier of security, products and services in the area.

Our Values

Our colleagues- We acknowledge our colleagues are our number one asset. We value their input, feedback and hard work. In return we promise to provide all the training and help they need to progress their careers.

Our clients- We value our clients and their customers. We want every interaction to be a positive one, whether this is directly with us or whether this is an interaction with our clients customers.

Our Community- We value the community we serve and promise to help out whenever appropriate, with the aim of helping build a prosperous and happy community.



At ICU Security we take protection of the public very seriously, we have a responsibility in protecting the public who attend the locations we supply to. All staff are trained in and adhere to the company policy of ensuring the public’s safety whilst on site and when they leave the venue.  Staff working on each site will be given a reminder of the training.


ICU Security works closely with all clients to ensure that members of the public are entering a safe and secure environment at all times.

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