Our values in action

At ICU Security we have strong beliefs and values.

Valuing our Colleagues, Clients and the Communities we serve are a large part of this.

The community is right at the heart of our values and are the bedrock of our strategy.

This manifests itself in many ways, it could be reduced security prices for community events, or free safety advice and training.

Equally as important is ensuring the communities we serve are a nice place that people want to live in and be a part of. Research shows this helps residents be proud of where they live and want to have a positive input.

With this in mind ICU Security are proud to have been a part of the `Adopt a flowerbed` scheme run by Lancaster City Council. Hopefully our flowerbeds will be blooming marvellous very soon.

A prize for the best photo of you next to the flowerbed is up for grabs. You just need to find it first… clues.

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