Just a message to say happy hump day from us all at ICU. It will soon be Friday when you can have your well earned beverage. just remember to be safe, have fun and be nice to the Doorstaff. For all those with kids off school…….best of luck and stick in there 🙂  

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Do you want to earn an extra income? Do you want to meet new people?

We can help you:

Due to high demand ICU Security are pleased to announce that we are now providing SIA door supervision licence courses. Our courses are run by professional trainers and as a result of them being in-house, we have been able to price them competitively at £120.00 for the complete Door supervision course. This includes the physical intervention aspect of the training and the examination.

ICU Security are recruiting and will offer employment to any candidate that shows promise during the 5 day training course.

Where does it take place?

Our courses take place in comfortable surroundings with state of the art facilities. We will even throw in some refreshments.

What to do next.

Please contact Liam on 01524 411757 for more info and course dates or use this form and we will get back to you:

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